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Sierra Pines
may edition

Is it spring yet?

            What a wonderful wet and cold winter we've had!!  The earth is so thirsty.  I have loved every rainstorm--except for the December 6th-once-in-thirty-years-storm.  That left a mess around the park that we still have not completely recoverd from!hybiscus flower

            There has been so many projects that desperately needed done but could not be because of so many rainy, wet days.
      Now that it is starting to
      dry out, we'll get the meadows mowed, get the rest of the storm damage cleaned up, start mending
     fences, roads, and try to
         get the park sparkling
       again!!  Thank you
         again for your patience
as    as we've waited for dry
            weather to begin many projects.

           Soon we'll have a sparkling new park sign at the entrance to the park.
             Thanks in great part to Chris, our landscape/maintenance fella.  It
          would have been up a long time ago if it weren't for the fact that the gates at the entrance had to be repaired and painted before the sign could be put up.

         Also, be sure and check out the other pages of the park's internet home.

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Be careful that
you don't get so
caught up in planning for tomorrow
or next week
that you forget
to enjoy living today!


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